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Who needs a superhero, when you have a mom?

Join the Social Moms! With over ten years of experience as influencers, we know exactly what your needs are, how brands and agencies should work with influencers, and what matters when collaborating with brands.
We know how much work, passion and effort you put into your channels.

Above all, we as mothers know exactly what your world looks like and how sensitive we need to be. After all, this is not just about us, but about our family as well.

Become a part of us!

Join the Social Moms! If you are an influencer who feels at home within our world and if would like to work with us or be part of our network, please register here – we’ll get back to you quickly.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Do you already know our SOCIAL MOMS Community? Our SOCIAL MOMS Community unites us mothers in everyday life and as women!

There you will find all topics, that concern us as parents. Exciting articles, expert interviews, videos, podcasts and more.

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