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Looking for the perfect match?

The biggest challenge for brands and influencers is to find each other. Only if brand values and philosophies are lived authentically, the stories told are more sustainable and successful – for both sides. In order to create this connection, we are your partner-in-crime, because we bring brands and influencers together.

Are you an influencer and want to join our network?

Familie Influencer Mütter

Authentic influencers for your brand

Mothers are a highly emotional target group. With the help of our influencer network, we place your product at the right channels. We develop authentic stories that we as mothers believe in and find the right influencers to promote your products in their community.

The Social Mom has a desire to have a baby, is pregnant or already has one or more children. She is either Stay-at-Home Mom or a Working Mom. She is a single parent, living in partnership or is married. She holds the strings in her hand when it comes to organizing her family and deciding purchases. She is digitally savvy, uses the internet on a daily basis and is in constant dialogue with like-minded people.
She deals with all topics affecting her and her family: From nutrition, to toys, to mobility. From insurance to travel to fashion and care. From the pet to building a house.

Her family is the Social Mom’s highest priority.

Universum Social Moms Influencer

94% use the internet on a daily basis

53% of mothers use the internet for advice and tips

Mobile is key

80% inform themselves online before making a purchase decision

Affluent and loyal

49% share worries and challenges online

High online and social media affinity

70% produce and comment on digital content at least once a month

20-45 years old

We work with a large network of over 500 influencers from all digital sectors.

Rather than reach, the authenticity and close connection to their own community are the most important criteria for being a social mom. Thus we work with all of them: the big macro influencers and smaller micro and nano influencers – this way we can always guarantee the perfect match for your KPIs.

We rely on the following channels: Youtube | Instagram | Blogs | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Auswahl Influencer Social Moms

Every influencer has their own approach and way of communicating and they know how to inspire their community. When choosing influencers, our aim is to find the perfect influencer for your brand and convey your credible message into their community.

Our tailor-made strategy guarantees an authentic content that the community relates to and makes them react.

Our topics

Schwangerschaft Themen Social Moms



All about fertility, desire for children and pregnancy from A – Z.

Baby & Kids Themen Social Moms


Baby & Kids

From newborn and baby essentials, to toddlers and school children, from children’s clothing to accessories – the world around children is a huge and colourful place.

Familienleben Themen Social Moms


Family Life

From home appliances,  interior and accessories to home construction & gardening – everything that accompanies and shapes the families’ everyday life.

Food & Health Themen Social Moms


Food & Health

Food, kitchen appliances and all things health as well as fitness – these are elementary topics for mothers and their families.

Mobility Travel Kind Social Moms


Mobility & Travel

From strollers and push chairs and slings to scooters, from training bikes and bicycles to transportation and traveling with children: everything you need when on the road.

Toys Themen Social Moms


Toys & more

Toys, books or digital media – new worlds emerge when having children.

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