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Influencer marketing for the target group mothers

With over ten years of experience in media consulting, conceptual design, brand strategy development, influencer- and media marketing and content production, we develop authentic stories for a very emotional target group – mothers.

Based on our brand and company goals, we design the optimal strategy for you and your products. This implies working with selected social media influencers and bloggers with reach and engagement to attract your target audience at the right touchpoints. We take care of everything – from creating a made-to-measure concept and the implementation of the campaign to the analysis and reporting of KPIs – making sure that you get the best results.

Expertise Influencer Marketing Ocean

Thanks to our extensive expertise in the industry and as mothers we know exactly what women feel, want, need and how they work as mothers. We know their everyday challenges; we know how to address and approach them.

Based on this knowledge, we develop individual and accurate stories for your company that inspire mothers and increase their brand awareness as well as their brand loyalty.

We develop innovative strategies, from social media campaigns and strategic concepts to brand activation, while we focus on individual objectives and needs of our customers. 

Marketing Strategie Social Moms
Influencer Match Social Moms

As a brand it is important to find the perfect influencer for your campaigns – and we know that. Whether micro, macro or nano-influencers, whether short-term campaigns or long-term brand ambassadors, we make sure you get the perfect match.


When influencers create authentic stories which they really stand behind, the users notice that. That’s why our strategies usually involve giving influencers freedom in their implementation – because as an influencer, you know your own community and the type of approach yourself best.
That’s why we do not just place your products – we tell stories!

Kampagnen Umsetzung Social Moms

We are a full-service agency and support you from concept creation to the evaluation of the results. Furthermore, we will execute your campaigns. We implement all marketing strategies and campaigns for you.

We want your message to hit the exact target audience rather than just creating the widest possible reach. Therefore we choose the influencers carefully in order to ensure your brand activation and amplify your products and messages.

Reporting & Tracking Social Moms Expertise

Our strategies are tailor-made to fit your targets. We will track your campaign from the start and provide reporting on performance and achievement of defined KPIs. Finally, you receive detailed reporting with transparent and coherent figures.

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